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We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, the holy land is near.  Poker Tracker 3, which is humming along nicely, working well on our Fusion and Parallels instances, is soon to be native on OS X.

Screen shot 2009-11-30 at 9.21.59 AM

Now, all of those hand histories you’ve been saving are going to be worth something.  If you don’t have Pokerstars, Full Tilt, Absolute or Bodog installed yet, go out and get them.  You are about to dominate the competition.  Pokertracker 3 is in early stages of testing – so this may take awhile, but they are firmly on their way.  We have had a chance to use PT3 and the features available at present are consistent with what we’ve been using on our emulated WinXP version of PT3.  If you haven’t seen PT3 yet, you ought to try it out.  Basic features include, hand history importation from every conceivable poker site, Poker Ace HUD Mac Clientdatabase managment, post hoc analysis, integrated heads up display (Poker-Ace) and the Table Tracker function that helps find the largest groupings of fish for you.

In 2007, the Poker Tracker crew predicted “We are hoping to have alpha testing by early November then public beta testing by mid/end November. “   So take all of this with a grian of salt.  I guess this is why Steve Jobs is so tight lipped about anything in their pipeline, he hates false expectations.  But let it be known that this is not vaporware.  PT3 Mac is coming.  If you need a free license, you can pick one up at Free Mac Poker Tracker, even before PT3 Mac is released.

Poker CopilotThis spells sad days ahead for Poker CoPilot, the sturdy and presently best of class alternative to Pokertracker, not to mention the end if it hasn’t already come for MacPoker Pro…or it could mean a renewed effort on Fontecha Designs’ and OpenEnd’s part to get a better version out.  I couldn’t care less, I’m drooling for the beta and then gold master PT3 Mac.


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